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We at PENDRAGON have some firm philosophies regarding the raising of cats. These can be summed up in a rather simple, but wise, statement. We declare emphatically that "A room filled with cats is not a healthy environment!" And good health is what raising cats must be all about!!!

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Among felines (the lion is the single exception) solitariness is not only a matter of inherited choice, but also a matter of LIFE. Cats, large and small, wild and domestic, are simply not meant to exist in large groups. The wise cat breeder knows, accepts this premise, and then acts upon it in a very timely fashion. A barn, a converted garage or basement filled with breeding cats is an impossible situation. Dogs, being natural pack animals, perhaps can exist under crowded adverse condition. But we do not advocate crowded conditions (i.e. "puppy mill") for canines, and we most certainly vigorously deplore any type of overcrowding for cats: they simply do not thrive. And most certainly NO litter of young kittens should ever come into any contact with older cats!! Overcrowding leads to unhealthy cats and kitten mortality!

We at PENDRAGON do not maintain a "Cattery!" We maintain gentle, clean, personalized environments for the few cats we keep. When a new litter is born, it is isolated from all other cats and existing litters: in a cozy yet airy, bedroom, on an open screened sunny porch. Overcrowding is really NOT a problem here at the PENDRAGON simply because we do not have many cats. We try not to have more than one or two litters at one time.
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Before we continue, the use of cages probably must be defended. "Oh," declares the cat lover, "I would never put a cat in a cage!" A pleasant and understandable opinion, but it does not work when one is raising kittens. Caging is so misunderstood that We do not want to give the impression all cats need to be caged, only those females with litters.  Being even more solitary when involved with her young, the mother cat will often move the litter - instinctively attempting to keep them safe from predators (even though there seem to be few of these rampant in our houses), and from human "good-doers." To keep kittens safe, they, and their mother, must be caged. This is only logical unless the owner wants to hunt and rehunt to find where the kittens have been relocated: a dark closet, a narrow sock drawer, a dangerous laundry dryer. Not only is being moved inconvenient, it encourages a slight "wildness" in the kittens that must be prevented if they are to mature into loving devoted pets.

Which brings us to SOCIALIZATION! Caging makes the project of socialization easier. Early handling (with sterilized hands) makes each kitten more malleable and gentle. Even before the eyes are open, kittens sense a peaceful environment: they sense the calm of the mother, and respond accordingly. Socialization does not come automatically - it takes conscious effort.

The only reason PENDRAGON breeds a litter of Tonkinese is to obtain show prospects. What are show cats? These are Tonkinese who have the correct "look," bountiful health, and the outstanding personality for which the breed is famous. PENDRAGON never breeds kittens earmarked as "pet quality." Thus all kittens we offer for sale are potential show animals with ALL the characteristics mentioned above. PENDRAGON does not believe in two separate categories of Tonkinese. Purchase one of our "show kittens" at "pet prices!"

Not only for HEALTH, but also for adequate SOCIALIZATION does Pendragon maintain very limited cat populations! Raising cats in a "Cattery" is to work against "Mother Nature!"



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